Cornwall Conversation: Doing Good & Doing Well
5:00 pm

Doing good and doing well – impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Can positive social outcomes be as valuable as financial returns for investors? In this Cornwall Conversation about new investing trends, Joe Ellis and Liz Luckett consider the different roles of corporate responsibility, philanthropy and impact investing and how each plays a role in both environmental and social change.

With an extensive background in philanthropy, technology, analysis and market research, Liz Luckett is currently the president of The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund, a venture fund focused on early stage equity stakes in impact-oriented companies.

Joe Ellis, a former partner and advisory director at Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he served as the firm’s principal liaison and consultant with retailers around the world, serves on the boards of directors of the National Audubon Society, RARE (a non-profit organization specializing in environmental conservation and sustainable economic development in developing countries), and the Housatonic Valley Association.

The Library will have an activity for children ages 5 to 10 for parents wishing to attend the Cornwall Conversation program.