Cornwall Conversations: When “I do” doesn’t mean forever – Divorce in the 21st century
5:00 pm

This Cornwall Conversation is being held at Cornwall Town Hall.

Three women with experience in divorce – both first- and second-hand – discuss the changing face of divorce. Topics include joint custody as the new normal, the quest for the good divorce, alternative ways to resolve disputes, the DIY divorce, divorce ceremonies, same-sex divorce, and the cultural shift in perspective towards this once-scorned measure to reconfigure a family.

The participants: Elise Pettus, founder and editorial director of Untied, a website and networking community for women getting divorced; Margaret Klaw, partner in a Philadelphia-based family law firm, Berner Klaw & Watson, and author of Keeping It Civil, a book about the practice of family law; and Jane Bevans, a New York attorney practicing family and divorce law for over 30 years and former director of the New York Chapter and Chair of the Legislative Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York.