“Idyllic Cornwall” by Susan Hellmann
All day long
From 10-01-16 to 11-12-16

Susan Hellmann’s interest in art began at a young age. “My home environment was a breeding ground for a developing artist. There was always some creative activity in the mix at home. Both my parents were very resourceful and influenced my skill set greatly.”

“Idyllic Cornwall” is a collection of pieces that were inspired by Hellmann’s childhood memories and her love for the woodlands, people, and architecture of Cornwall. “Webster defines idyllic as pleasing or picturesque, in natural simplicity, very peaceful, happy, blissful and enjoyable,” she writes. “Cornwall is all that idyllic is and more.”

“Idyllic Cornwall” will open October 1 and run through November.

An artist’s reception will be held Saturday, October 8 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.