“Tangled Up In Blue” – An Exhibition of Works by Kim Sobel
All day long
From 09-15-15 to 10-17-15

Artist’s Reception
Sunday, September 20
3 – 5 pm

“Kayaking through mangroves in Southern Florida was an ethereal experience that led to a deeper understanding of my painting,” says artist Kim Sobel. “I found myself completely enthralled by the complexity of this natural habitat, struck by the similarity to elements I pursue in my paintings: the fluidity of water, the endless, jumbled ropy roots, the pulsing forms mingling amongst intricacies. With intent to capture the unstoppable movement of nature I paint shifting layers steeped in color.

“Life revisits visions; experiences first remembered. Each return is an altered revelation. A first viewing is the beginning, paintings move on—nature’s ever-changing state is contrasted with a caught moment.”

Kim Sobel lives in Glastonbury. For more information about her works, visit her website at www.kimsobel.com. Ms. Sobel’s exhibition opens to the public on September 15 and will run through October 17.