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Laurie & David Hodgson

For nearly thirty years, Laurie Hodgson has been caring for the grounds about the historic Holabird House in Falls Village. With the help of neighbors Tom and Roberta Scott of Falls Village Flower Farm, Laurie cultivates a diverse outdoor living area that respects both the traditional character and contemporary purposes of her 1735 colonial home. The landscape consists of ornamental and vegetable gardens that convey a creative balance between aesthetics and practicality.

An avid cook, Laurie maintains three edible gardens throughout the year. The two kitchen gardens supply herbs and warm-weather vegetables which require daily harvesting. Further from the house lies the main vegetable garden where late-season varieties such as winter squash, tomatoes, pumpkins, and root vegetables ripen in full southern exposure.

An orchard of apple and peach trees and an arbor of concord grapes supply produce for jellies, jams, and pies. In fact, Laurie’s pantry is a treasure trove of canned tomatoes, brined beets, pickled cucumbers, and numerous varieties of fruit conserves to be enjoyed in every season.

From March to September, the Hodgson property blooms from almost every corner. The two main ornamental gardens, designed in the “natural” English style, feature hellebores, spring bulbs, peony, baptisia, phlox, kalameris, and anemones. The pool area is surrounded by a thick hedge of roses and shrubbery.  Kousa dogwood, ferns, spring bulbs, and three varieties of hydrangea (paniculata, arborences, and climbing) delineate the edge of the surrounding forest. Two compost piles provide organic material for the gardens.

View the Ridgway Farm garden.

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