Labor Day Weekend Art Sale - More Artwork Available

The Library wishes to thank everyone who donated, cataloged, and installed art for the Labor Day Weekend Art Sale and all those who supported this event with their time and expertise. The proceeds for the Labor Day Weekend Art sale totaled $ 7,600.

If you missed it, you can still participate. During the Columbus Day weekend book sale, we will have available, at reduced prices, some of the artwork that did not sell over the Labor Day weekend.

  • Edward La Porta, Ladies on Cream Hill Lake Association dock
  • Clarence Wells, “Thunderbird”
  • Daumier, “L’hiver”
  • Carol Montgomery, January blizzard in Central Park


Artwork donations

Oscar Anderson

Arleen and Tom Barrett

Raymonde and Terry Burke

Anne and John Coffin

Sandy and David Dolinsky

Sandy Fiebelkorn

Lucinda Frame

Jonathan Friedlander

Eileen Gargan and Mike Redmond

Mary Ellen and Andrea Geisser

Dinny and Ed Greene

Wallace and John Harding

Carla Herman

Juliet and John Hubbard

Ken Krug

Lisa Lansing and Doc Simont

Roxana Laughlin

Norman Levy

Jaime and Martine Longhi

Roger Lourie

Gina Maolucci

Carol Montgomery

Leslie Moore

Robert Pauls

Ginny Potter

Lily Rosenblum

Jane Worthington Roth

Julia and John Scott

Dick Sears and Brenda Singer

Jill and Jim Sheffield

Gary Steinkohl and Casey Cook

Marnell and Rick Stover

Karen and Frank Tansey

Will Treem and Laurie Racine

Jean Vitalis

Wendy Weinberg

Hunt Williams

Anne Zinsser


Cornwall Package Store

Advice and logistical support

Richard Griggs

Catherine Noren

Linnaea Richardson

Trinity Retreat Center


Arleen Barrett

Karen Beattie

Raymonde Burke

Anne Coffin

Jean Cohen

Sandy Fiebelkorn

Eileen Gargan

Nora Horan

Reeva Mager

Gina Maolucci

Duncan McClelland

Priscilla Pavel

Ginny Potter

Doc Simont

Marnell Stover

Franny Taliaferro

Karen Tansey

Special professional assistance

Blueberry Hill Galleries / proprietress Karen Olson

Housatonic Fine Art & Custom Framing / proprietor Stephen Sperduto