Digital Resources at The Cornwall Library

Included among the 29,000 items at The Cornwall Library are books on tape/CD, magazines, movies, an e-Reader (Nook) and downloadable books. It also has devices to help patrons navigate in the digital age.


With your Cornwall Library card, you may download Audiobooks and E-Books from OverDrive.

Read “Getting Started with OverDrive” to learn more, or go directly to OverDrive.

You may also access OverDrive from the overdriveicon link located on every page of our website.

Books on Tape/CD

Books on tape or CD are available for both adults and children for a period of 3 weeks. They may be renewed if no other patrons have requested the item(s).

Computer and Internet Use

The Library offers free use of four (4) public access computers connected to the Internet. Word processing programs are loaded on each computer. A wireless connection (Wi-Fi) is also available for patron use.

Note: Parents are responsible for computer use by their children. Computer time is restricted to 20 minutes when there is a waiting line for their use. Instruction or computer problem solving is offered by the librarians.


The Library’s Xerox copier is available for our patrons’ use. It prints in color and black & white, collates, sorts, groups and does double-sided copying. We hope all community groups will make use of this machine. Color copies are $.50 each and B&W are $ .15 each.

DVD Media

A wide range of adult and children’s DVDs are available for a one week period. They may not be renewed except upon special request. A maximum of four movies may be borrowed at a time. Be sure to place the disc in the case when returning a DVD or CD.

Fax Machine

The Library’s fax machine is available for our patrons’ use at a cost of $.15 for each page sent. Please ask a librarian for assistance.

Library Cards

Cornwall residents may obtain a free library card with proof of Cornwall residency. You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card. If your card is lost or stolen, or your address or telephone number changes, please contact the library. Your library card enables you to borrow from any library in Connecticut.

Borrow the Nook (E-Reader)

Cornwall Library patrons may borrow a Barnes & Noble Nook for 7 days. It will be loaded with at least 10 eBooks. The staff will gladly download one a patron wants to read, but eBooks may not be downloaded to the Nook when it is out on loan. There will be no charge to borrow the Nook, but borrowers will need to be 21 years or older and have a VISA or MasterCard to take it out on loan. If the Nook is lost or damaged, the card will be charged. Overdue fees of $5/day will be collected with no maximum limits. Patrons will be given a lesson in using and caring for the Nook. If you happen to own a Sony Reader or a Nook, do come down and we will show you how to download free eBooks from the Library’s OverDrive eBook list. Call us to arrange a private lesson on using OverDrive. Bring your E-reader, MP3 or WMA player, or iPod.

Acer DLP Projector

Available for use inside and outside The Library is an Acer DLP digital projector that connects to a computer. Please contact The Library for borrowing information.

DVD Projector

A Blue-Ray player is located in the meeting room. It will play DVDs and Blue-Ray discs as well as CDs.

Television - Large Flat Screen

Located in the meeting room is a 65″ HD television with excellent clarity and picture definition. If an individual or group wishes to use the television to show a film or as part of a presentation, they need to come in prior to the event to be oriented in its use.

There is a charge to use the television in the meeting room for private use. The room must be reserved in advance by contacting the Library Director.

VideoEye (Visual Reading Aid)

Video EyeThanks to a very generous anonymous donor, the Library now offers a Video Eye, a reading and magnification device. It is intended primarily for people with macular degeneration or other vision problems, but it is a useful aid for anyone who wants to see an object under magnification. The Video Eye consists of a viewing head mounted on an extendable arm with a four-foot reach and an attached monitor. Reading material or anything else that is placed under the viewing head appears on the monitor up to 100x larger and in sharp focus. You can switch back and forth between color and black and white. The Video Eye was designed mainly to help with reading, but the extendable arm, self-focusing feature, and color display make it perfect for looking closely at pictures, objects, needlepoint or other hand-work and even your own handwriting. The Library’s model has a “PowerZoom” feature for maximum flexibility. The auto focus system continually renders a sharp image as the viewing head is moved to different positions and adjusted to different degrees of magnification. The librarians and volunteers will be glad to assist you in using it.