Our Library patrons often have many questions about the services at the Cornwall Library. Below are the most frequently asked questions; click on a question to reveal the answer.

How do I get a Library Card?

Cornwall residents may obtain a free library card with proof of residency. Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card. If your card is lost or stolen, or your address or telephone number changes, please contact the library.

What is the advantage of having a Library card?

You can check your account with your patron barcode number on the Library’s website, search the online catalog and databases, and reserve items.

You can also download audio books.

Your library card enables you to borrow from any library in Connecticut.

What can I borrow?

Books, books on CD, DVDs and magazines.

A maximum of four movies may be borrowed at a time.

Specific reference, local history and art books are for in-house use only.

How long may I keep items I’ve borrowed?

3 weeks for most print books and books on CD, which may be renewed if no other patrons have requested the item(s)

2 weeks for new books

1 week for DVDs, which may not be renewed except upon special request

1 week for magazines

Can I borrow items from other Connecticut libraries?

Yes. Upon request, the librarian can reserve an item out on loan or borrow an item for you through Interlibrary Loan from another Connecticut library.  You will be notified by phone or email when the item is available, and you have 5 days after notification to pick up your request.

How do I return items?

Leave them at the front desk during Library hours or inside the drop box found outside the front door.

Is there a fine for overdue items?

The Cornwall Library has the following policy for overdue items as long as they are returned in good condition: Payment of accrued fines is voluntary, but a contribution to the Conscience Box ($ .10 per day) is welcome and gratefully accepted. Fines do accrue on your account through the automated return system and will be removed upon request.

Does the Library ever suspend borrowing privileges?

If a patron has overdue material on his/her card, the Library will make two (2) attempts to reach the patron.  At the time of the third and final notice, the patron’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue material is either paid for or returned.

The Library staff will make every effort to handle the suspension of borrowing privileges with the utmost courtesy and discretion.  A suspension of borrowing privileges is not meant as a punitive measure but as an incentive to sustain Library materials for all patrons.

Is there a fine or fee for lost or damaged books?

Yes. You will be charged the retail cost to replace a lost or severely damaged item. An item is considered lost when it is not returned within three (3) weeks after its due date. Fees are:

Hardbound books from the adult collection – replacement cost or $30.

Paperback books from the adult collection – replacement cost or $15.

Books from the children’s collection- replacement cost or $20.

A receipt will be issued upon fee payment.  After payment of the fee, you may keep the damaged item.  Upon request, a fee refund will be issued for paid lost items that are later found and returned in good condition, ONLY if the Library has not replaced the item(s).

What if my electronic equipment (DVD or CD players) is damaged while playing Library-provided material?

The Library is not responsible for any damage to a patron’s electronic equipment, including DVD players, CD or in-car players, incurred while playing Library-provided material.

May children borrow items from the Library?

Yes, but parents and/or guardians are responsible for all materials borrowed from the Library by their children under the age of 18.

Are there computers for public use?

The Library offers free usage of five (5) public access computers connected to the Internet. Word processing programs are loaded on each computer.

What are the rules about computer and internet usage?

Computer time is restricted to 20 minutes when there is a waiting line for their use.

Note: parents are responsible for computer use by their children.

Does the Library offer help to using computers?

Library personnel offer instruction and computer problem solving help.

Does the Library have printers?

Yes. There are printers associated with each of the public computers. The charge is $.15 for each black & white page, and $.50 for each color page.

A special 3-D printer is available for use ONLY under the supervision of a staff or volunteer specialist trained in its usage. Because of the cost of raw materials and staff time, there is a charge to use the 3-D printer, to be determined at each use.

Does the Library have a copier?

Yes, it has a color copier available for public use. The charge is: $ .15/black & white page, and $.50/color page.

Does the Library have a fax machine?

Yes. A fax machine is available for public use, at $.15 per page.

Does the Library have WiFi?

Yes, wireless connection is available for patron use at no charge.

Are children allowed to use the Library?

The Library has a special wing devoted to its extensive collection of children’s books. The space has stuffed animals and chairs and tables designed to make children feel comfortable.

Children under 9 years of age must have an adult or responsible party with them while at the Library.

How can I make the best use of the Library’s website?

You can read the monthly newsletter by clicking on the e-news icon.

You can make an on-line donation by clicking the PayPal icon.

You can check the calendar for all Library events and programs.