Meeting Room at The Cornwall Library

The Polly and Frank Calhoun Community Room of the Cornwall Library

The Polly and Frank Calhoun Community Room is a resource for Cornwall residents and organizations. Its primary purpose, however, is to provide space for library programs, which will take priority over other uses.

Cornwall-based public, non-profit and for-profit organizations and individuals 18 years of age and over may reserve the Community Room for business meetings or public programs reflecting the educational, cultural, social and recreational interests of the Cornwall community. A person’s right to attend should not be denied because of origin, age, background or views. Public programs are open to all (even though some may not be able to pay admission). The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users.

When it is not reserved, the Community Room is available to all Library patrons during regular hours of operation.

When the Library is closed, persons using the Community Room must enter through the rear door of the building. The Library proper can be used only as access to the restrooms. No books may be checked out during this time.

A fully handicapped-accessible restroom can be reached at all times from the Community Room, and the kitchenette may be used so long as the area remains clean.

Organizations or individuals are liable for the cost of any repair, replacement or special cleaning that may be necessary following their use of the room or of Library equipment.

There is no user fee for occupancy of the Community Room by non-profits, but donations ($25 suggested) are always welcome. Any for-profit group using the Community Room must furnish a certificate of insurance and pay $50 toward maintenance.

Alcohol is permitted only at library-sponsored events. Private parties are not permitted.

About the Polly and Frank Calhoun Community Room:

  • Size: Approximately 25 ft. x 25 ft. (675 sq. ft.)
  • Seating: capacity 48 persons
  • Available chairs: 39 (12 straight, 15 stacking, 12 folding)
  • Darkening shades, large flat screen television and DVD projector
  • Kitchenette area: (sink, counter and electrical outlets)
  • Telephone: in room; is available only for local calls


  • Smoking is not permitted in the library building
  • Displays or decorations may not be attached to the walls
  • Before leaving – restore room to original setup and remove trash
  • Responsible stewardship of the key and space is expected
  • Be sure all lights are turned off

Please contact Margaret Haske at to reserve the meeting room.