Special Collections at The Cornwall Library

The Library has an extensive collection of art books generously donated by the estate of Mary Schieffelin from her comprehensive collection, and the collection of cookbooks is particularly fine.

Specific reference, local history and art books are for in-house use only.

Cornwall authors are well represented and listed below. Please use the author search box to locate specific titles available. If your search results in zero hits, please contact The Library for assistance.

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Algrant, Christine Pevitt

Barry, Alice Scoville

Bevans, Margaret

Bigelow, Carla Stevens

Brecher, Earl

Brecher, Jeremy

Bryant, Jill

Cady, G. Scott

Canby, Marion

Chamberlain Jr., Paul H.

Clark, Harriet Lydia

Colwin, Laurie

Del Tredici, Peter

Dordick, Harry

Dorsen, Norman

Eliot, Lorrain Nye

Estern, Anne Graham

Fetheroff, Grace Moser

Fishman, James

Frederick, K. C.

Gannett, Michael

Garmey, Jane

Gassner, John

Gold, Theodore Sedgwick

Hare, Montgomery

Hayden, Dolores

Hinchman, Catharine

Horan, M. D., Anthony Harding

Hoskins, Ann

Kahn, Ely Jacques

Klaw, Barbara

Lansing, Elizabeth H.

Leich, Jean

MacCracken, Calvin D.

Marston, Thomas E.

Mitchell, Sydney K.

Nash, Richard N.

Neubauer, Alexander

Noren, Catherine Hanf

Osborne, Charles

Page, Homer

Pool, Eugene

Potter, Robert R.

Prud’homme, Alex

Robinson, Roxana

Rubin, Martha

Sander, Fred M.

Simont, Marc

Spiegelman, Art

Stevens, April

Tatge, Catherine *

Terrall, Robert

Towill, Charles

Van Doren, Carl

Van Doren, Dorothy

Van Doren, Sally

Whiteside, Thomas

Wild, Elizabeth

Yampolsky, Philip B.

Allen, Elijah

Beuman, Otto

Bevans, Thomas

Blumenthal, Joseph

Brecher, Edward M.

Brecher, Ruth

Buck, Rinker

Calhoun, Mary Swift

Carter, Lonnie

Chester, Ronald

Collins, Matthews

Cooley, Susan D.

Dodd, Lee Wilson

Dordick, Margaret, Ed.

Dunham, Lena

Ellis, Joe

Ferman, Edward L.

Fisher, Valorie

Flexner, James Thomas

Gannett, Lewis Stiles

Gannett, Ruth

Garmey, Stephen

Getz, Arthur

Gray, Francine du Plessix

Hare, Patrick H.

Hellerman, Leon

Hoopes, Ray

Horan, Elizabeth R.

Ingersoll, Ralph

Keskinen, Kenneth

Klaw, Spencer

Lasseur, Dominique *

Leich, John

MacCracken, Mary

Martin, Brad

Morris, Peter

Nauts, Helen Coley

Newman, James A.

Nuese, Josephine

Ott, John Nash

Pollan, Michael

Pool, J. Lawrence

Prentice, T. Merrill

Ripley, Dorothy

Roth, Philip

Russ, Charles T.

Sander, Joelle

Smith, Chard Powers

Starr, Edward Comfort

Stone, The Rev. Timothy

Tauranac, John

Thurber, James

Van Doren, Adam

Van Doren, Charles

Van Doren, Mark

Waller, Kim

Whitman, Herbert

Wolff, Barbara

Zinsser, Anne

* Filmmaker