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Below is a summary of how the Library financed its operating expenses for the fiscal year 2016-2017. Cash reserves and the endowment compensated for declines in the Annual Fund and fundraising events this year. As usual, expenses were tightly controlled. The Library depends on the generosity of its donors and friends to operate and is greatly in need of increased donor support. Thanks to several grants and a bequest, the Library was able to upgrade its audio-visual system, install solar panels, and complete capital improvements on the building.

Source of Funds

Annual Appeal 36.38%
Town of Cornwall 28.95%
Fundraising Events 12.96%
Book & Art Sales, Meeting room rental, Classes & miscellaneous fees 8.84%
Grants 1.04%
Endowment Draw 4.51%
Cash Reserve 7.32%

Use of Funds

Staff 45.13%
Administrative Costs (includes insurance, copier lease, technology & Bibliomation) 23.54%
Facilities Maintenance 19.6%
Programs, Books, Media 8.09%
Mailings, Printing, Advertising 3.64%

Take a closer look: 2016-2017 Annual Report

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